My Name is Mr. Shipp

I’ve wrecked my brain over and over again trying to figure out the perfect way to introduce this blog to the world. Even right now as I type I find myself plagued by the specters of  all the  drafts, re-writes and re-re-writes that I have written. My eyes tired and vision blurred from starring at my ridiculously bright computer monitor typing away, deleting, typing some more, all to no avail. I played music while writing to stimulate my creativity. When that didn’t work, I sat in silence and meditated to help clear my mind of clutter. I brain stormed. I read. I walked away from the work all together and did nothing at all, in the hopes that the right words would just… come to me. I tried everything short of quitting And just as I was ready to throw in the towel and write a cliché article about “What NOT To Wear”, the perfect introduction did in fact just come to me. It was like a dove in the night sky, carrying in his tiny dove beak a scroll shinning brighter than a star. I just had myself an “OH S***” Moment!” It was unbelievably simple yet made perfect sense.  “How about I just literally write about myself and what I plan to cover on this blog… Literally.”

Now right about now you are probably saying to yourself “uh, duh. That should of been your first thought. What else would you write about?” And you’re right. But you see the question was not about the content but more about “the style”.  I mean really, I couldn’t just scribble down a bio and rundown of my blog just like that. How boring, right? How blazè? How… un-sexy. No I had to present that information with style. There had to be some cool anecdotal story I could tell that would express my intentions and reveal who I truly was without actually just saying it right? Somewhere in this vast universe floating around like dust were the perfect words and all I had to do was just stumble across them. Merely breath them in like particles and sneeze them back out onto the page. A beautiful cosmic snot of literary genius. That’s what I wanted, so you can understand why just giving you the short and sweet down low didn’t even cross my mind until I exhausted all other possibilities.

Never the less here it is. The just of it all laid out before you in all its simplistic glory. My name is Mr. Shipp. I am a singer/song writer based out of Los Angeles by way of San Diego California. I am the founder of Shipp and 36th, a men’s accessory line in development and now officially a blogger. Initially I created this blog to familiarize the world with this brand that I have created. I was going to write specifically and only about men’s fashion. Covering fashion events, upcoming fashion trends while always highlighting the importance of classic style. The plan was brilliant, I would build followers of the brand and have loyal customers awaiting the arrival of my up and coming accessory line. Great! Things were underway. I created the layout of the blog, keeping it simple and clean, much like a nicely tailored suit (Good right?). The name came organically. Mr. Shipp and 36th, its a men’s fashion blog from the creator of Shipp and 36th. Boom! Then I wrote my tag line: Men Who Stand for something and look good doing it. And just like that everything changed.

Mr. Shipp and 36th is more than just a men’s style blog. I want to cover more than just stylish men I want to cover men who are changing the world. Whether they’re the president of a non profit organization or just your local barber, I want to cover those who have a voice.  Men who’s work speaks so loudly that the world has to stop and listen. After all that is what this brand is all about. Its about more than just looking great. It’s about being great in all that we do.

Hopefully this blog will inspire not only your personal style but your life. My name is Darius Shipp. You can call me Mr. Shipp. I am a young man trying to make a difference using the world as inspiration to inspire others.


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