Fall Into Fall the Gentleman’s Guide part 3: Texture

The final segment of my fall guide is probably one of the most important: texture. texture is like the red headed step child of mens personal style. It does so much for a mans outfit, but we hardly pay texture any mind. Shame on us. Then again who can blame us. No one really dives in deep and thinks about what types of textures they want to play with each day and I don’t expect you to after reading this post. What I want to do is make you aware of texture so that you can add a little extra flavor to your outfits. Adding a knitted tie to you look instead of a basic silk or cotton tie will add dimension and depth to your otherwise normal look. Textured scarves, hats, even the textures on your shoes play a key role in making your look pop.

Im not going to go over all the different types of fabric and woven materials. The purpose of this guide is to make things simple. So just remember texture is anything woven, or knitted, or  anything that course to the touch. take a look at the few examples below. Adding pieces like this to your basic wardrobe will add another dimension to your personal style. Texture is important.

Knitted Ties
Knitted Ties
Shoes and Belts

The trick is to buy some items that have a little texture to them.  Adding pieces like these to your wardrobe make it so that you don’t have to think about these things. You can just toss on your cloths and go. The basics are good and very important but when we want to go beyond the basics and add a little extra “style” to our personal style, texture is a good place to start.

Thats sums up the Fall into fall Guide. Refer back to these post for a little inspiration and guidance when shopping for you fall wardrobe. Remember to Add color, layer and play with different textures. Follow these three simple steps and you’ll be on your way to becoming one stylish Gent this autumn! #swerve

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-Mr. Shipp

Written By: Mr. Shipp


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