The road to the Broad: Adventures in Art heaven

Last weekend, my beautiful girlfriend/multi media guru @innovativenik (Instagram handle) and I took a trip to Downtown Los Angeles to check out “The Broad”. If you don’t know about The Broad Museum already heres a quick little Wikipedia excerpt to sum it all up:

The Broad (/broʊd/ US dict: brōd) is a contemporary art museum in Downtown, Los Angeles. The museum is named for philanthropist Eli Broad, who is financing the $140 million building which houses the Broad art collections.[2] The museum offers free general admission to its permanent collection galleries.[2] It opened on September 20, 2015.[3]

Those are the facts, but once you actually step foot inside the beautifully designed piece of architectural genius that is The Broad, you quickly find out that this is much more than an expensive building with a heap of art in it. This is an experience.

Since I knew I was going to be surrounded by a sea of well dressed “creatives” I figured I’d dress up just a tad bit to look the part.



The Look

The broad 1
Olive Khakis: Forever 21 Vest: H&M Tie and Shirt: DKNY Shoes: ASOS Sued Double Monk-straps
The Broad 2
We managed to find a little shade that day. It was about 95 degrees. Which is why it’s always important to carry your shades. I don’t spend much on sunglasses. These are a pair of Aldo frames. They retail in sets of 2 for only $20.00

Also notice the socks or lack there of. If you’re like me going sickles is a big no no. That doesn’t mean we can’t still get that no socks look. Invest in a few pairs of “invisible socks”. I got mine from ASOS; a 7 pack for about $12.00.

the broad 5
As always, keep the accessories simple. I wanted to point out the Black Hand Rolled Cotton Pocket square that i strategically placed in the pocket of my vest. It is a Shipp and 36th original that comes as part of my first ever accessory kit. These kits retail at only $50.00. Make sure you check it out.  Shipp and 36th “Gotham Black Kit”



I’m going to share more pictures of my trip to the broad in the following post. I’ll go into detail a little bit more as well, but if you are in Los Angeles and are looking for a little “culture” head on down to The Broad Museum and take it all in. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Till next time. Stay fresh.


-Mr. Shipp

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Written by: Mr. Shipp – Photos: Nika Gocha of S&G media



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