The Flowers

The Story

For a while now I have had a fascination with one particular mens fashion accessory. It of course started with my need to be subtly different when it comes to my personal style. So i’m asking myself ,

Hmmm. What can I do differently to this suit? How can I add a little bit extra and still keep it classic.

My answer came in the form of a little fabric flower called a boutonniere or lapel flower. I immediately fell in love. What a perfect suit accessory for a guy like me. Although lapel flowers are getting a little more attention in the mens fashion world, they are still something you don’t see every day and they are that little extra touch that everyone seems to notice.

I started wearing these little buddies with every suit and eventually started making my own. The lapel flower is actually what sparked the idea for Shipp and 36th. I became more and more fascinated with making my own accessories and thought to myself,

Hmm. Maybe I should start my own hand made mens accessories line.

And the rest is history. So after months of testing different styles and fabrics I have came up with a small collection of lapel flowers that I am proud of. So for the first time ever I am sharing my babies with you.

Shipp and 36th mini daisy collection: 1st edition

The idea with boutonnières is that you want them to stand out but you don’t want them to be distracting. That’s a fine line. So I chose subtle patterns and color combinations that pop without making too much noise.

You can check out my lapel flowers as well as my 1st ever accessory kit that includes my limited edition Gotham black lapel flowers and pocket square at the Shippand36th store on


The Look


Go check out the shop and support if you can. Perfect Christmas gift for that dapper gentleman in your life. Trust me if he’s anything like me, he’ll want to rock his lapel flower every single chance he gets.

There’s my shameless promotion. I’ll back to the style tips next week with a semi casual California winter look.


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Written by: Mr Shipp Himself  – Photos: Nika “@innovativenik” Gocha


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