Khaki’d Up

Suit Up

Camel 10
Early morning in Noho, coffee cup in my hand, ready to hit it hard. So what better way to hit the day running than with a sharp suit.


This year has been a great one for men’s style. If we look at all the color trends in the fashion world we notice that one of those color trends stood out a lot more than others. That color of course is Camel. All it took was signing off on the “It color” and the trend caught fire. So I hit the streets of North Hollywood, CA, this morning with my photo and media partner Innovative Nik, to give you my take on this trendy color in an H&M khaki suit.


The Look

Camel 1


The cool thing about this color and this suit in general is that, you can wear it to a business meeting and then, without making any adjustments go right to a casual lunch or hit the night. It’s a very versatile look that works well in many different settings and if you’re as busy as I am, you need exactly that.


The Breakdown

Suit: H&M    Shirt: H&M

Lapel Flower: Shipp and 36th

Watch: Aldo   Shoes: Rockport


A cool way to stay dressed up and casual at the same time is the invisible tie. How do I accomplish this look you ask? Simple, just button your shirt all the way up to the top, then take your tie and toss it out the window. Proceed to walk out the door and into meetings like nothing is missing and wa-lah   you’ve successfully pulled of the invisible tie. Check the swag.

Camel 6Camel 11Camel 7


Go out and buy yourself a khaki/camel suit and see if you don’t turn heads. You will not regret it.


-Mr. Shipp


Written By: Mr. Shipp himself – Photos By: Innovative Nik for S&G Media


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