Not So Blue

The Not So Blue Suit
Blue:red 4
Early rise in NOHO, Los Angeles. Sun peaking over the palms and me in my not so blue, H&M suit.

I was feeling extra good today because I decided to pay homage to one of my music and style inspirations James brown by spritzing my hair up in a pompador like crown. In order to compliment such a magnificent due I stepped up my #swerve today with a very slim cut blue suit.

You gotta love blue suits, but if you’re like me you also always want to have a touch of something different. That’s why this H&M wool suit screamed out to me like a child in the dark. This blue suit pops with its subtle white wool threaded into the fabric making it stand up but still look classic.

James would have killed in this suit and I think I pulled it off pretty well myself. Check out the break down.


The Look

Blue:red 1Blue:red 3Blue:red 6


The Breakdown

Suit: H & M

Lapel Flower: Shipp and 36th

Ring, Bracelets and Sunnies: Aldo

Shoes and Pocket Square: ASOS


I love blue suits because they are perfect for switching from business attire into a more casual look and it can be done with ease. When I wear navy blue or darker toned blue suits I like to pair them with darker more rich tones like the deep red/maroon shirt and tie. You also can’t go wrong with a white shit and a skinny blue tie. It’s a classic look and one of my personal favorites.

Please make sure you add a second blue suit to your collection. One with a little extra personality. It’ll pop like nothing you’ve ever worn.


Written by: Mr. Shipp Himself – Photos By: Nika Gocha for S&G Media


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