Plenty of Pleather

Ripped Jeans and Pleather

Leather Hoodie 1
California Bad Boy Fresh


Lets face it; California does not really have “Leather Weather”. So unless you own a motorcycle, there is really no reason for you to have Leather anything. Now I’m typing this while staring at my favorite Wilson Black Leather Biker jacket, so understand that the rule (that I just made up) is not rigid. I love leather, but I don’t own much leather because of the heat, so I have a closet full of Faux Leather, and I couldn’t be any more hype about it.

There’s nothing like getting that leather look without having that suffocating, I’m totally wearing someone else skin feeling that you get while wearing the real stuff. A lot of people are ashamed of their light weight pleather but I wear mine with pride because for me, its about the look and the tailoring. If its an interesting piece and its cut and constructed right I don’t care if its leather or pig feet skin…I’m going to rock it.

Take a look at how I put my Pleather to good use in this California Bad boy look.



Leather Hoodie 4Leather Hoodie 3Leather Hoodie 2


I pieced this fresh ASOS Leather Hoodie with a super long line ASOS T-shirt in stone, these cool weathered regular/slim cut black jeans from H&M and my favorite Black boots that’ you’ve seen before (and will see again…I’m not rich). This look is very simple. Black and a neutral for contrast.





I’f you want to achieve this look, first start with a well contracted piece of fake leather in black. Look for something interesting indifferent like this hoodie. For this look, as you can see I went with a looser fit for the jeans, I happen to think that baggier jeans look great when wearing high boots. Look you really can’t go wrong with all back and if you live in California or any other sunny state or city, you want to keep your cloths light and airy so pleather is a perfect sub for the real stuff. Here, take another look at the Freshness.

Leather hoodieLeather Hoodie 6Leather Hoodie 5


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