Cherry Blossem

Cherry Blossem 2



I’m not even going to open up the conversation of whether or not pink is a “manly” color or not. We all have very different opinions on what makes a man, but I think it’s safe to say that the color palate of a mans wardrobe has absolutely nothing to do with it. So lets squash the nonsense and focus on the style of it all, shall we.


A soft pink like the color of this Forever 21 bomber jacket makes a statement. Its a very subtle yet powerful statement that says very plainly:

I’m Fucking Cool!

It has nothing to do with manliness and everything to do with effortless style. When you throw on a statement piece like a pink jacket that is also subtle, it tells whoever catches a glance that, your a stylish guy without even trying. Now come get some of this fresh!


Cherry Blossem 1Cherry Blossem 8Cherry Blossem 5Cherry Blossem 6


Creating this look is easy. The jacket will obviously steal the show so just make sure you pair it with pieces that compliment the jacket but don’t take away from it. I shove to go with a dark denim shirt and white jeans. Nothing too fancy. You can also pair this jacket with all white to look extra crispy and don’t be afraid to substitute the button up for a T-shirt. Just make sure you keep everything simple and let the bomber jacket be the star.








Cherry Blossem 3Cherry Blossem 4

So to conclude; Don’t be afraid of pink, or any other color for that matter. I am not a fan of hot pink however but you can pull it off, go right ahead. Just remember to keep it simple and let your statement pieces shine like they were meant to.

Till next time…


Ripped Jeans and Pleather

Leather Hoodie 1
California Bad Boy Fresh


Lets face it; California does not really have “Leather Weather”. So unless you own a motorcycle, there is really no reason for you to have Leather anything. Now I’m typing this while staring at my favorite Wilson Black Leather Biker jacket, so understand that the rule (that I just made up) is not rigid. I love leather, but I don’t own much leather because of the heat, so I have a closet full of Faux Leather, and I couldn’t be any more hype about it.

There’s nothing like getting that leather look without having that suffocating, I’m totally wearing someone else skin feeling that you get while wearing the real stuff. A lot of people are ashamed of their light weight pleather but I wear mine with pride because for me, its about the look and the tailoring. If its an interesting piece and its cut and constructed right I don’t care if its leather or pig feet skin…I’m going to rock it.

Take a look at how I put my Pleather to good use in this California Bad boy look.



Leather Hoodie 4Leather Hoodie 3Leather Hoodie 2


I pieced this fresh ASOS Leather Hoodie with a super long line ASOS T-shirt in stone, these cool weathered regular/slim cut black jeans from H&M and my favorite Black boots that’ you’ve seen before (and will see again…I’m not rich). This look is very simple. Black and a neutral for contrast.





I’f you want to achieve this look, first start with a well contracted piece of fake leather in black. Look for something interesting indifferent like this hoodie. For this look, as you can see I went with a looser fit for the jeans, I happen to think that baggier jeans look great when wearing high boots. Look you really can’t go wrong with all back and if you live in California or any other sunny state or city, you want to keep your cloths light and airy so pleather is a perfect sub for the real stuff. Here, take another look at the Freshness.

Leather hoodieLeather Hoodie 6Leather Hoodie 5

The last Son in the dugout

Dougout 2
From the minor leagues to the majors


There’s something about the underdog that resinates with everyday people more loudly than any other story. The man who had all the odds stacked up against him and still somehow managed to overcome all the obstacles and win. It’s triumph in the mist of adversity. Glory after defeat. It’s the American dream.

Somewhere in my life I fell in love the idea of being the underdog. It was just something that I had to come to grips with at a very young age. As a soft spoken, young black kid in the ghetto, I was the underdog;  not only on a micro level which was  my community but also on a macro level; society as a whole. So I had to find strength in the fact that people didn’t believe in me or that the cards were not in my favor. The sour extenuating circumstances were what pushed me to succeed. The idea that one day I could stand at the mountain top and scream at the top of my lungs :

I made It! despite where I came from. Despite what people thought of me! Despite how many times I was knocked down! I made it!

Now when it comes to style, the underdog, being a person with limited financial resources, has to find a way to make a statement, and express themselves creatively. Personal style is not a luxury for an underdog it is a necessity. I believe that real style and fashion emerges out of these circumstances. People with limited resources have to be that much more creative, to stand out. So here’s to the underdog. The man who realizes that its not about a price tag or label, but about style, in its purest most vulnerable state.

I shot at the minor league fields by my place to represent for the underdogs. It’s a symbol for how cool it is to be the last kid in the dug out.


The Look

Dougout 7Dougout 4Dougout 8

This whole look was a steal. I found every single item in this look on sale. The highlight being the H&M jacket, that was originally $80.00. I got it at an after christmas sale for only $30.00 #swerve


The Breakdown

Now I don’t have all the details on this look. I could go back and find the prices of each item but that isn’t what I’m about. Its about you finding your own style and hopefully this can inspire.

Check out how heavy these rich dark tones are. From the Deep navy blue knitted infinity scarf from H&M, all the way down to the color blocked almost copper like tint of the Asos slip ons. The color scheme is one of my favorites; Brown and Blue. Also notice how I played with texture. During these colder months, texture not only looks good, but it usually means warmth.



Dougout 1


I urge you to embrace your personal style and also embrace any situation where you find yourself playing the role of the underdog. This picture says it how…The last kid in the dugout is one bad mother’ F#@%&r!



Written by: Mr Shipp Himself – Photos by: Nika Gocha of S&G Media



Motel Blue 2
Morning After Swagger


It takes a certain amount of skill to look good wearing the same cloths you wore the night before. Especially if the night before was a “wild night”.

We’ve all been there right? A night out with the guys that turns into something completely different after a couple of shots and BBD’s “poison” comes on. One of those nights where you meet the girl of your dreams in a night club. Its magical. Or at least thats what you thought at the club. waking up in the morning, you realize that your dream was actually a nightmare. You find yourself in a cheap motel with a woman you barely even know. So what do you do? You get out of there. You get out of there as fast as you can!


if you went to the club dressed in your velvety-est dinner jacket and your shiniest dress shoes, chances are you’ll look a little odd walking down the street but luckily you didn’t do that. Luckily, you read this blog and dressed in a way that made you prepared for anything. Gentle I give you :Motel Blue

The Look

Motel:Blue 1


This is a look that is dressy and flashy enough for the club but still subtle enough to walk around comfortably on recovery Sunday.

Check out how the patterned shirt pops. I chose an invisible tie for a little edge. A subtle tie would work just as good but no tie, makes it a little more casual.


The Breakdown

Jacket: H&M

Shirt: H&M

Shoes: ASOS

Pocket Square: Shipp & 36th

Pants: Forever 21

I’d like to point out that this look cost me less than $100.

Motel Blue 4DSC_0309

So I’l leave you with this. Firstly, if you plan on getting lucky, dress accordingly. This look is easy to achieve and cheap.Also, remember that style has nothing to do with how much money you spend and everything to so with how much taste you have.

Hope you enjoyed this quick little post and hope you like the style. If you have any questions please feel free to comment and I’ll get back to you with an answer. Till next time. Stay flyy… #swerve

Written By: Mr. Shipp – Photo by: Nika Gocha for S&G Media

Darker Still

Camo 3
Had to stop and take a few pictures of this look today to simply show how ill darker tones can be.


Just another day. I believe I was actually off to a family dinner for thanksgiving, but obviously family time trumped the creation of this post (as it should).

To me, black is one of the most powerful colors there are when it comes to fashion. Now I know I talk allot about adding more color to your wardrobe but there is just something about black and darker tones that just shapes the body like nothing else.

So I took a couple of pictures of this black and green, LA bad boy look to simply let the style speak for itself. Nothing is cooler than a man in black. Nothing.


-Mr. Shipp

The Look


Camo 4Camo 1Camo 2

Khaki’d Up

Suit Up

Camel 10
Early morning in Noho, coffee cup in my hand, ready to hit it hard. So what better way to hit the day running than with a sharp suit.


This year has been a great one for men’s style. If we look at all the color trends in the fashion world we notice that one of those color trends stood out a lot more than others. That color of course is Camel. All it took was signing off on the “It color” and the trend caught fire. So I hit the streets of North Hollywood, CA, this morning with my photo and media partner Innovative Nik, to give you my take on this trendy color in an H&M khaki suit.


The Look

Camel 1


The cool thing about this color and this suit in general is that, you can wear it to a business meeting and then, without making any adjustments go right to a casual lunch or hit the night. It’s a very versatile look that works well in many different settings and if you’re as busy as I am, you need exactly that.


The Breakdown

Suit: H&M    Shirt: H&M

Lapel Flower: Shipp and 36th

Watch: Aldo   Shoes: Rockport


A cool way to stay dressed up and casual at the same time is the invisible tie. How do I accomplish this look you ask? Simple, just button your shirt all the way up to the top, then take your tie and toss it out the window. Proceed to walk out the door and into meetings like nothing is missing and wa-lah   you’ve successfully pulled of the invisible tie. Check the swag.

Camel 6Camel 11Camel 7


Go out and buy yourself a khaki/camel suit and see if you don’t turn heads. You will not regret it.


-Mr. Shipp


Written By: Mr. Shipp himself – Photos By: Innovative Nik for S&G Media

The Flowers

The Story

For a while now I have had a fascination with one particular mens fashion accessory. It of course started with my need to be subtly different when it comes to my personal style. So i’m asking myself ,

Hmmm. What can I do differently to this suit? How can I add a little bit extra and still keep it classic.

My answer came in the form of a little fabric flower called a boutonniere or lapel flower. I immediately fell in love. What a perfect suit accessory for a guy like me. Although lapel flowers are getting a little more attention in the mens fashion world, they are still something you don’t see every day and they are that little extra touch that everyone seems to notice.

I started wearing these little buddies with every suit and eventually started making my own. The lapel flower is actually what sparked the idea for Shipp and 36th. I became more and more fascinated with making my own accessories and thought to myself,

Hmm. Maybe I should start my own hand made mens accessories line.

And the rest is history. So after months of testing different styles and fabrics I have came up with a small collection of lapel flowers that I am proud of. So for the first time ever I am sharing my babies with you.

Shipp and 36th mini daisy collection: 1st edition

The idea with boutonnières is that you want them to stand out but you don’t want them to be distracting. That’s a fine line. So I chose subtle patterns and color combinations that pop without making too much noise.

You can check out my lapel flowers as well as my 1st ever accessory kit that includes my limited edition Gotham black lapel flowers and pocket square at the Shippand36th store on


The Look


Go check out the shop and support if you can. Perfect Christmas gift for that dapper gentleman in your life. Trust me if he’s anything like me, he’ll want to rock his lapel flower every single chance he gets.

There’s my shameless promotion. I’ll back to the style tips next week with a semi casual California winter look.


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Written by: Mr Shipp Himself  – Photos: Nika “@innovativenik” Gocha

The road to the Broad: Adventures in Art heaven

Last weekend, my beautiful girlfriend/multi media guru @innovativenik (Instagram handle) and I took a trip to Downtown Los Angeles to check out “The Broad”. If you don’t know about The Broad Museum already heres a quick little Wikipedia excerpt to sum it all up:

The Broad (/broʊd/ US dict: brōd) is a contemporary art museum in Downtown, Los Angeles. The museum is named for philanthropist Eli Broad, who is financing the $140 million building which houses the Broad art collections.[2] The museum offers free general admission to its permanent collection galleries.[2] It opened on September 20, 2015.[3]

Those are the facts, but once you actually step foot inside the beautifully designed piece of architectural genius that is The Broad, you quickly find out that this is much more than an expensive building with a heap of art in it. This is an experience.

Since I knew I was going to be surrounded by a sea of well dressed “creatives” I figured I’d dress up just a tad bit to look the part.



The Look

The broad 1
Olive Khakis: Forever 21 Vest: H&M Tie and Shirt: DKNY Shoes: ASOS Sued Double Monk-straps
The Broad 2
We managed to find a little shade that day. It was about 95 degrees. Which is why it’s always important to carry your shades. I don’t spend much on sunglasses. These are a pair of Aldo frames. They retail in sets of 2 for only $20.00

Also notice the socks or lack there of. If you’re like me going sickles is a big no no. That doesn’t mean we can’t still get that no socks look. Invest in a few pairs of “invisible socks”. I got mine from ASOS; a 7 pack for about $12.00.

the broad 5
As always, keep the accessories simple. I wanted to point out the Black Hand Rolled Cotton Pocket square that i strategically placed in the pocket of my vest. It is a Shipp and 36th original that comes as part of my first ever accessory kit. These kits retail at only $50.00. Make sure you check it out.  Shipp and 36th “Gotham Black Kit”



I’m going to share more pictures of my trip to the broad in the following post. I’ll go into detail a little bit more as well, but if you are in Los Angeles and are looking for a little “culture” head on down to The Broad Museum and take it all in. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Till next time. Stay fresh.


-Mr. Shipp

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Written by: Mr. Shipp – Photos: Nika Gocha of S&G media


Chandler Bikeway Mural Swag


Some times inspiration just hits you out of no where. It doesn’t happen as often as we would like so when it does, you have to ride that wave like you grew up in San Diego California’s Pacific Beach. Then there are times when inspiration knocks you flat on your stylish little ass. This happens even less often, so moments like this, you just stop what you’re doing, cancel all other plans and get to work. id imagine that, the type of inspiration I just described looks something like the beautiful piece of art pictured above. My girl and I drove past this Mural while scouting for locations for our next photoshoot. We literally had to stop the car and take it all in. My initial Plan was to take a few shots of my cool Red and Black look, but hey, sometimes, the background should really be in the foreground. So i thought i’d let this beautiful mural stand alone…

The Chandler Bikeway

The Mural pictured above is just one of the many beautiful works of art found on the last mile stretch of the Chandler Bikeway. The Chandler Bikeway is a beautiful bike path that stretches from residential Burbank to North Hollywood. The trail sits on top of the old Burbank Branch of the Southern Pacific Transportation Company Railroad. I use to run the bike trail years ago while training for a half marathon, and I would often take a book with me, sit on a bench and watch all the beautiful people fly by on their bikes, skate boards, roller blades, and of  course, wagons. Its the perfect place to take the family for a bike ride, or even take the date for an afternoon stroll. I focused on the last mile of the trail to highlight one of my favorite color combinations: Black and red

The Look

Black and Red

I picked up both the jeans and the shirt from Forever 21 while shopping for some basics. Forever 21 is great for finding inexpensive, stylish cloths  but you have to watch yourself because its easy to leave this place looking like a 16 year old boy. So please be aware of what “trends” work for you and what you should probably leave to your teenage nephew. This look cost me less than $50 and I couldn’t of looked any cooler. Check it out!


The breakdown

2nd Hand hat: $5.00 Shades: Aldo 2 for $20.00
2nd Hand hat: $5.00
Shades: Aldo 2 for $20.00
Watch: Aldo $35.00 Leather Feather bracelet: Aldo $15.00 Red beaded bracelet: Flea market. 2 for $10.00
Watch: Aldo $35.00
Leather Feather bracelet: Aldo $15.00
Red beaded bracelet: Flea market. 2 for $10.00
Black Slip Ons: ASOS $16.00 on sale
Black Slip Ons: ASOS $16.00 on sale

If you get the chance, go check out the bike trail. Get some air. See the art. Get active and cultured at the same time. I’m sure you’ll have a good time. and if you see Pooch, tell him darius said Hi (see picture below).

-Mr. Shipp


You don’t cook Brah???

Listen, I can go on and on about why it is important to cook. I can pour out paragraph after paragraph and sentence after sentence on the subject. I can talk for hours about how a nice, home cooked meal has turned an angry lover of mine into putty in my hand. I can tell you over and over again that women love men who can cook but hey, how about I let Janice Dickinson break it down for you:

I like the way he handled himself in the kitchen. I like men who cook. Men who cook are generally good lovers.”

-Janice Dickinson

Look, it’s simple science. Men who cook, break headboards. So Why don’t you drop the Xbox controller for a second, pick up a f***ing spatula and get to flippin’.

This weekend I got out on the grill and cooked a little Lunch for my girl and I and I looked damn good doing it if I say so myself. So I’ll highlight the meal and the look for all you future chefs out there.

The Meal

OG Surf and Turf: Steak with Gorgonzola Herb Butter, Sautéed Lemon and Herb Shrimp, Balsamic glazed asparagus and butternut squash risotto.

When you want to impress, go with a surf n' turf!
When you want to impress, go with a surf n’ turf!
Steak 2
Steak tip: When you cook a steak, Do Not over season. The star should be the meat. Salt and Pepper is all you need. If you are a lover of steak sauce, instead of drenching your steak in it, just baste the steak with a little sauce while its cooking. I grilled this steak for about 12 minutes. 7 minutes on one side and 5 on the other. It came out medium well which is how I like it!
You gotta' have veggies. I have a couple of tricks to make my vegetables pop. Number 1 is butter and Number 2 is balsamic vinegar. I added both to this asparagus and grilled it in foil. It came out with a delicious buttery glaze.
You gotta’ have veggies. I have a couple of tricks to make my vegetables pop. Number 1 is butter and Number 2 is balsamic vinegar. I added both to this asparagus and grilled it in foil. It came out with a delicious buttery glaze.
I like white wine and this SB was amazing. Whites go very well with seafood.
I like white wine and this SB was amazing. Whites go very well with seafood.

Look you don’t have to be a gourmet chef but you should have a couple of recipes in your back pocket when you need to impress. Surf and turf is always a hit in my book. I’ve went ahead and added links to the recipes I used for my Surf n’ Turf. See below and get to grilling.

Lemon Herb Grilled Shrimp

Steaks with Gorgonzola Herb Butter

The Look

Black and blue.
Black and blue.


As you can see I kept this look simple because I wanted the eye to zoom in on my electric Blue Kicks by ASOS.
As you can see I kept this look simple because I wanted the eye to zoom in on my electric Blue Kicks by ASOS.

The Break Down

These beast right here steal the show. Comfortable, bright, and cool as Polar Bear Poo. I found these ASOS kicks on line on sale for about $25.00
These beast right here steal the show. Comfortable, bright, and cool as Polar Bear Poo. I found these ASOS kicks on line on sale for about $25.00
I got all my accessories from Aldo with the exception of my watch which is a midnight blue Invicta Watch with interchangeable bands.
I got all my accessories from Aldo with the exception of my watch which is a midnight blue Invicta Watch with interchangeable bands.
Black and Blue
Black and Blue

And there you have it. When it comes to cooking, try a Surf n’ Turf when you want to impress. Also remember that when you have on a bold item, like my electric blue shoes, keep the rest of the look simple to let your statement piece shine!

Real men cook Gents, remember that.

-Mr. Shipp

Written By: Mr. Shipp – Photos by: S&G Media